Urban Landscape Under 35mm Lens Published On Gooood

In the last two years from 2018 to 2019, I used the ordinary perspective view to shoot the pedestrians in the city spaces. The photos record the state of people in different scale space, their relationship with the surrounding environment, and how the environment in turn affects people’s emotions. There are also some “still things”in the street. They may be a street lamp, a graffiti, a broken iron door. These extremely ordinary images, which I call “urban landscape”, are the micro expressions and symbols of the city, as well as the external embodiment of the complexity and diversity of the city. All of these images make up a city landscape, which gives us an angle to observe the environment we live from the side.

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2021 Achitizer One Photo Challenge Finalist

The photo “Passing by the International Conference Center” has been selected as “100 photos that 

tell powerful stories in 2021″ by Architizer One Photo Challenge.