Xiao Shihao has a delicate perspective to capture the most authentic expressions of architecture.Before becoming a professional architecture photographer, he worked in URBANUS, Turenscape, SADI. Participating in the whole process design of several  projects.

Five years experience as an architect, so that he can better understand the intentions and ideas of architects.
As an architect, photography was used as a tool to learn architecture.Helping him better understand architecture and surrounding environment,  materials, etc.

Through years of exploration and practice, he had accumulated a lot of shooting experience.
Architectural photography has become a career with a sense of mission that he wants to pursue.

His personal work have benn published on gooood, the position and Archdaily and etc.
He also won the shortlisted for Architizer One Photo Challenge in 2021 and 2022.

(PHONE)  86+18980772131

(EMAIL)  info@xiao-shihao.com

(INSTAGRAM) xiao_shihao

(ADDRESS)  Chengdu,China